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Tuesday, July 23 2019

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

A comprehensive range of Media, conforming specifications of pharmacopoeia guidelines is available with HiMedia for complete testing methods in pharmaceutical laboratories. With the harmonization of USP/EP/BP/JP/IP, newer testing protocols have to be implemented for testing of non-sterile drug products. This also includes changes in composition of culture media used to test these products for specified organisms. To meet the consistency in microbiological testing methods, HiMedia has formulated the dehydrated culture media in accordance with the harmonized methods. They are designed to meet the latest harmonized USP <61>, <62>.


 It covers Antibiotics Assay medium, Sterility Testing media, Microbial Limit Test - Harmonized media, Vitamin Assay media and Neutralizing media. Testing of these medias as per new testing guidelines is carried out by validated methods in quality control department. The goal of global pharmacopoeias harmonization is to promote the acceptance of consistency and uniformity of microbiology methods used by companies throughout the world.

Application In Microbiology

Application in Microbiology

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One of the major developments in microbiology was Robert Koch’s use of a solid culture medium on which bacteria would grow. Bacteria must meet certain nutritional requirements in order to grow. 


A nutritional material prepared for the growth of microorganisms in a laboratory is called a Culture Media, and the microbes that grow and multiply in or on a culture medium are referred to as a Culture. Over the years many types of nutrient media were developed for the cultivation of bacteria. These can be broadly classified as Broth Media, Agar Media & Semisolid Media. HiMedia is one of the branded manufacturers for the Nutrient Medias in the world and offers a very broad range of media formulations, standard media & customer specified media in dehydrated form for use in different fields. This also includes specified media by various pharmacopoeias recommended for different applications such as sterility testing, microbial limit tests etc.



HiMedia has developed their own technology and stands among the world’s handful of companies possessing the high-tech knowhow for manufacturing microbiological culture media.


 HiMedia offers a very broad range of media formulations; standard media and customer specified media in dehydrated form for use in different fields; clinical, food, environment, cosmetic, dairy, water, pharmaceutical industries etc. This also includes media specified by various pharmacopoeias recommended for different applications as sterility testing, microbial limit tests etc.